The Muslimah and the Niqaab

Hijaab Series: The Muslimah and the Niqaab

Bismillaah,This post is not to discuss the ruling on the Niqaab because this has been discussed in detail in many books and works of the scholars of the sunnah-past and present. What is fair to know is that the Niqaab is indeed part of the hijaab and a great virtue(fadheela). It is not from culture as some fools claim nowadays.  It is the hijaab of the mothers of the believers and the early believing women as the Quran and Sunnah prove. And that is enough reason for a Muslimah to wear Niqaab thus completing her jilbaab.

No other piece of cloth has gotten so much attention in the media in the recent years like the Niqaab. No clothing on the face of the Earth has been attacked by the east and west like the Niqaab. Why is that so?What is so great and powerful about this piece of cloth? What makes a muslim woman make the decision to cover her face with this cloth knowing that she is in an environment wherein the majority of the people are non-muslims and might find this strange? Why the extra hardship? 
This is what many people ask themselves when they hear of the Niqaab in the news or when they see a woman in Niqaab walking down the street.

Alhamdulilah I have to thank Allah azza wa jall over and over again for giving me the guidance to wearing the Hijaab/Niqaab. If it weren’t for Allah’s guidance, wallahi we would be in the darkest and lowliest of conditions. All praise is due to Allah for the great blessing of Islaam He has bestowed upon us,

الحمد لله الذي هدانا لهذا وما كنا لنهتدي لولا أن هدانا الله

Praise to Allah , who has guided us to this; and we would never have been guided if Allah had not guided us.” [Surah al A’raaf ayah 43]

We live in really corrupt times where Islaam is being attacked from all sides. The Muslims are being attacked from the outside by the enemies of Allah in all corners of the world and the ummah is also being attacked from the inside by the hypocrites and deviants thus it is clear that there is an ideological war being waged against Islaam- the true Islaam. Those who choose to go back to Allah and start practicing their Deen have made themselves target whether they like or not. There are many incidents where Muslim men and women are attacked. Why do we hear of Muslim women sometimes murdered for wearing hijaab or looking “Islaamic”??  They say it is a “hate crime.” Is it really just a hate crime or is it a war against Islaam? Wallahi, it is a war against Islaam and nothing less.

The events we see taking place at the moment clearly indicate that this war against Islaam is getting worse day by day and the really unfortunate part is that many Muslims are ignorant of this and are still in slumber.

Do we not know that it is a sunnah of Allah that the truth and its people always be attacked?  There will be haters of the truth, in every day and age. The prophets and messengers all had enemies. Their messages of tawheed were not welcomed with roses and smiles. Nooh (AS) called his people to Allah for 950 years, enduring all sorts of harassment and hate. Saalih (AS) was to be crowned king of his people when Allah chose him as the prophet for Thamood. So he was among the most beloved to his people and well respected. Yet, right when he started calling his people to Allah, everything changed. There was an immediate division-two camps. A camp of faith and a camp of disbelief. They began treating him as if he was the worst of them when a few moments ago they were praising him and had chosen him as their leader. Ibraahim (AS)’s own father threatened to kill him for calling him to Allah.

What is it that changes people like this and makes them enemies towards us?
It is none other than the truth-Islaam. If we are practicing the right Islaam and following the sunnah of our beloved (sala allahu alayhi wa sallam) then rest assured the number of enemies will increase.

The sisters who wear Niqaab often times go through certain struggles that other sisters don’t go through. Unfortunately, in both muslim and non muslim countries, the correct Hijaab has been transformed into something it is truly not and there is a small number of sisters wearing the proper shari’ hijaab nowadays. It has reached the level that if a woman is in Niqaab, she is considered extreme. Subhan Allah, the level of ignorance!

A woman of faith defies all of society and its backwardness and chooses to please Her Lord and cover properly and she is extreme???

SINCERITY AND STEADFASTNESS O SISTER! (الإخلاص والثبات يا أختاه)

Dear sister, the Niqaab is a beautiful deed. It is in no way backwardness or culture. Remember you are reviving a great sunnah and so by Allah’s permission the rewards are multiplied! This Niqaab my sister is ibaadah since it is part of the prescribed Hijaab.  [See tafseers of Surah Al Ahzaab ayah 59, Surah al Nuur ayah 31]

Never feel strange or out of place with your Niqaab. You are on the truth.  Remember that with every good deed, we need ikhlaas (sincerity to Allah, doing it solely for His sake). Do not wear Niqaab because your friends are wearing it. Do not wear Niqaab because your husband wants you to.Do not wear Niqaab because you don’t want people to know something of you. Do not wear the Niqaab for show off. Rather, make a firm niyyah(intention) that you want to wear this firstly for the sake of your Creator.

Some sisters, may Allah forgive them, wear the Niqaab and then remove it.  There are many reasons for this. Some may be legitimate reasons and some unfortunately are not. Some sisters remove the Niqaab  due to weak emaan, problems in finding a job, feeling unsafe in public, harassment and discrimination, feeling uncomfortable in public and more. Whatever it is, we need to make sure that we are sincere and firm on anything we do for the sake of Allah because this will help us be patient in tough times.

Sincerity and steadfastness are two qualities the believer needs especially in these hard times. You may see sisters who don’t wear Niqaab or proper Hijaab and they seem to be having more “fun” or having less problems in society than you so you ask yourself “why should I give myself a hard time?” All these thoughts are from the Shaytaan dear sister. Do not let him deceive you. It is a great blessing from Allah that He guided you to this Niqaab when you could have been one of those sisters in a headscarf and skinny jeans or tight skirts. So thank Allah over and over again.

By Allah, you can reach any of your goals with Allah’s permission without having to be ashamed of your faith. This Hijaab/Niqaab will only bring you more honor and good in this life and the next and nothing less. If it is work that you are worrying about, remember Allah is ar-Razzaq, He is the best of providers and sustainers. If it is name calling and discrimination you are worried about,be patient and remember the people of truth before you all went through tests like these and remember that you are enduring all this for the sake of Allah so how can He forsake you?! Your sins are being wiped out and you are gaining many good deeds!


In some of our muslim communities, unfortunately many of our sisters in Niqaab lack support and often face criticism and judgment from their own fellow Muslims. These Muslims  make the sisters in Niqaab feel guilty or bad sometimes by saying such things as, “you weren’t wearing Niqaab or even Hijaab a few months ago and now you are fully covered! Its just a religious phase…”

or when talking about a certain Niqaabi sister to others, they say, “She thinks she’s better than us.”

Sometimes there are older Muslim women who discourage the young sister from Niqaab by telling her “my dear, it’s just sunnah!.. Don’t make things hard for yourself and your family.” They bring up how they use to wear Niqaab and how it gave them a “hard” time.

My sister, do not listen to any of these words of deception and negativity. If your path is clear for you then you have nothing to worry about. Do not let the talk of ignorants and the whisperings of the Shaytaan get to you. Yes, at the end of the day, we are insaan (human) and we have our weaknesses but remember the words of your Messenger (sala allahu alayhi wa sallam), “The strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer.” 

This world is made as a fitna (trials and tribulations) for the believers. Allah will test us until we leave this Dunya sinless and pure (by his permission!) Remember the more name calling and strange looks you get, the higher and greater your reward is with Allah. Those who glare at you are souls who are lost. They have not understood tawheed well nor do they have the love of Allah in their heart. Remember what our prophet (sala allahu alayhi wa sallam) and his companions endured at the hands of the Mushrikeen. They mocked them, abused them, and fought them. What is this world but a temporary abode for the believer? It is Jannah that we strive for and nothing else.

There will be those who will hate and abhor you for sticking to the truth sister. You may wonder and ask, “how can a piece of cloth cause all this hatred and negativity?

It is not the Niqaab that brings about hatred and negativity from people, but when they actually saw you with the Niqaab, that boiled their blood and shocked them to see how a woman in a “free and liberated society” chose to cover this way. They expected you to follow their ways and abandon your Hijaab and Niqaab but you didn’t. They expected you to westernize your Hijaab and get rid of this Niqaab but you didn’t. May Allah reward you!

Always smile beneath your Niqaab my sister and remember you are a walking da’wah and that is enough as a reward in spreading Islaam on your part. As for the haters of your Niqaab and Deen, then reply nothing to them but the words of Allah, “Die in your rage. Indeed, Allah knows that which is in the hearts.”



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